The Electric Blve is the music Project founded by YenHsiang Liang (Grady) The project included not only Music but also Photography, Design and Arts.

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with my all time favorite artist Paul Banks from Interpol

here is the conversation i remember from the Yellow Dog tribute gig at Brooklyn Bowl:
Me:Paul, can You sign this ?(Julian Plenti Vinyl and a Interpol picture in live)
Paul:sure !
Me:in 2001 I was in NYU and follow you guys cause you toured a lot. one time in Miami. that was a crazy year.
Paul: where is this ?(The Picture)
Me: Terminal 5 !
Paul : what’s your name ?
Me: Grady

Paul: Thats a nice camera
Me: I got it signed by Sam
Paul: woo Cool

Me: sorry I had to ask, whats your dream and passion
Paul:dream ? Like what I dreamed recently ?
Me:No…..What’s your passion ?
Paul: oh passion … MUSIC !

Me:Im leaving NY tomorrow.
Paul:woo.. what are you doing tomorrow ?
Me:what are you doing tomorrow ?
Paul: oh, im asking you cause you said you are leaving.
Me: Im not sure..
(While taking picture with Banks)me:you guys means a lot for me
Paul: Thanks..(after the DJ set)

Me: sorrrrry… can i get a cigarette from you ..?
Me:can i borrow the lighter ?(light up the cigar)

Me:Maybe you can come to Taiwan.. there are lot of Indie bands come to Taiwan recently. like Flaming Lips and the Killers
Paul:Woo, Ok. your friend is leaving
Me:oh ~ I will catch you up later
Me:come to Taiwan !

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